… Orders Demolition of Security Houses Above First Floors

The Commissioner for Lagos State Physical Planning and Urban Development Engr. Abiodun Oluyinka has declared a zero tolerance to illegal physical development of all sorts in Lagos State. This declaration was made at his inaugural meeting with the management staff of Lagos State Physical Planning Permit Authority (LASPPPA). 

He expressed his displeasure at the observance of security posts of buildings beyond the first floors, saying this is against Physical Planning Permit Laws and ordered the Authority to demolish such when discovered during enforcement activities.

In his remark, the General Manager of LASPPPA, Tpl Kehinde Osinaike spoke on the background, mandate, planning processes, reforms, achievements, aspirations as well as challenges of the Authority.

He explained that the enforcement activities carried out by LASPPPA are to ensure all structures whose construction has already been concluded or ongoing, do not violate Physical Planning Permit Laws either by not obtaining a Planning Permit before construction or violating Regulations in the Planning Permit granted.

The GM stated further that an audit of existing buildings is also ongoing towards including them in the database and achieving development control by ensuring all forms of Physical Development align with extant Operative Development Plans of Lagos State.

Osinaike averred that the significance of Development Control as carried out by LASPPPA and enabled by discoveries during enforcement activities is to check for conformity to Physical Planning Permit Regulations aimed at streamlining development following the Operative Development Plans of Lagos State.

He emphasised that the enforcement activities of LASPPPA, as different from those carried out by other Agencies in the built sector of Lagos State, are targeted at discovering conformity to regulations like height, road setbacks, parking spaces airspaces to prevent jeopardising the sanctity of the built environment and distorting the State’s Operative Development Plan.

According to him, such enforcement activities induce owners/developers of built and ongoing constructions to bring in applications for Planning Permits which are then referred to the Lagos State Building Control Agency (LASBCA) to check for structural integrity, among others.

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