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Tpl (Mrs) Bello, Risikat Bukola fnitp is a Director in the Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development and Head of Physical Planning Department (PPD). She was born in Ita Akanni- Oluwole Area, Lagos Island on 17th July 1966 an indigene of Lagos State of Nigeria. She is happily married with Three (3) beautiful Daughters.

She attended Igbaja Nursery and Primary School where she obtained Primary School Leaving Certificate between 1972 to 1978 and Egbe Girls’ College Kwara State between 1978 to 1983 for her Secondary School Leaving Certificate.
She proceeded to Kwara State Polytechnics between 1983 to 1989 for her Ordinary National Diploma and Higher National Diploma in Town and Regional Planning and she did her National Youth Service Corp in Lagos State Ministry of Physical Planning and Environment in 1989-1990.
She attained a Masters Degree in Urban and Regional Planning (MURP) in Lagos State University, LASU, Lagos State in 1997/98
Further obtained Certificate in Environmental Impact Assessment in Saxion University of Applied Science, Netherland in Year 2009 with the sponsorship of Lagos State Government and a Self sponsored of Two (2) days training on ArcGIS I GIS Fundamentals with eGIS Associates, Inc./ITRE, USA in Year 2015.

Tpl (Mrs) Bello R.B registered as a Member of the Nigerian Institute of Town Planner on 25th October, 2001, a Member of he Town Planner Registration Council on 25th October, 2001 and she became a Fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Town Planners on 27th October, 2018. She is an active Member of the Institute has served in various capacities as an EXCO Member and series of Committees between Year 2002 to date. She is also a registered Member of the Nigerian Institute of Management (MNIM) in 26th August 2004.

Tpl Mrs Bello Risikat Bukola joined the Lagos State Civil Service in 1992 as a Higher Technical Officer (Town Planning). She seconded to work in Survey Department (Now Lagos State Office of Surveyor General) with other newly deployed Officers for six months, to manually record and archive all Approved Building Plans. She was later posted to work in Departments and Zonal Offices of the Ministry of Physical Planning and Environment (MPP&E) such as Mushin and Oshodi/Isolo Zonal Offices as well as the Regional and Master Plan Department (RMD) as Field Officer and Recommending Officer at different levels between 1993- Year 2002 .

As part of her work experience, She was the Chief Executive Officer in Isolo/Oshodi and Ojo Local Planning Authority in Year 2002 to 2007.

In Year 2007 to 2008 Tpl Mrs Bello, R B was the Senior Personal Assistant to the Honorable Commissioner for Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development, she was later posted to Physical Planning Department (PPD) as an Assistant Chief Town Planning Officer in charge of Site Selection for both Government and Private Projects in the State in Year 2009.

She became the Head of Physical Planning Intervention Department (PPID) in Year 2009-2010, in charge of Granting of Clearances to all Land uses that requires Impact Assessment and Physical Planning Technical Report (PPTR) for the purpose of Issuance of Planning Permit.
In Year 2011 She was one of the beneficiary of a three (3) Months International Training/Course sponsored by Lagos State Government. She studied Environmental Impact Assessment in Saxion University of Applied Science, Netherland. Thereafter, She was seconded to work in the Office of Permanent Secretary to prepare Press Briefing Report for the Ministry and other assignments. This Report was the First Score Card Report on the Ministerial Responsibilities and Activities using Impact Assessment and Evaluation Techniques.

In Year 2011 to 2014, she was the District Officer (Chief Town Planning Officer) in charge of Processing and Issuance of Planning Permit. Later promoted to the post of an Assistant Director Town Planning Services.

In year 2014-2020, she was the Head of Lagos State Planning Information Centre (LASPIC) where she carried out the responsibilities below successfully:

  1. In view of her Innovative Ideas and Technology inclination in Physical Planning, she was fully in charge of the successful Development, Design and Deployment of Partial Electronic Planning Permit (The First e-PP in Nigeria) in Lagos State in February 2016 ([email protected];
  2. She was in charge of the Enhancement and Upgrading of Partial Electronic Planning Permit (e-PP) Platform in October, 2019 (website @;
  3. She was assigned as the Chairperson of Committee on the Design and Coordination of full
    Automation Process for Ministry and her Agencies/ Authorities in Year 2019;
  4. In charge of Physical Planning Database Management for the Ministry, her
    Agencies/Authority as well as all Relevant MDAs in the State;
  5. Initiated and Commenced the Processing and Issuance of Certified True Copy of Planning Documents;
  6. Ensure the Easy of accessibility to Physical Planning Document through the issuance of Certified True Copy among others;
  7. Initiation of First Revenue Generation in LASPIC through the Issuance of CTC on Physical Planning Document;
  8. Initiated and commenced the Re-Positioning and Enhancement of Lagos State Planning Information Centre (LASPIC) in Year2020
  9. Integration of Physical Planning Process with Geographical Information System (GIS).
  10. Award winner of “BEST SERVICE CHARTER WINDOW” in the Ministry In Year 2016” for LASPIC in view of her innovative contributions and Technology inclinations towards the design and deployment of e-PP and Initiation of Issuance of Certified True Copy of
    Planning Documents in Lagos State.
  11. She is one of the team coordinating “EASE OF DOING BUSINESS IN CONSTRUCTION
  12. In Year 2018 and 2019, She received CERTIFICATES OF APPRECIATION AND LETTERS OF
    APPRECIATION in view of her valuable contributions towards “DOING BUSINESS 2018: REFORMING TO CREATE JOBS” and DOING BUSINESS 2019: TRAINING FOR REFORM in Lagos State, Nigeria
  13. In year 2020 she initiated the “Re-positioning of Lagos State Planning Information Centre (LASPIC) towards the establishment as Full-Fledged Centre, to be headed by a Director General who should be Public Servant of Grade Level 16-17 and a Town Planner” the following upgrades were also proposed:
    i. To review the existing mandates of the Centre as here under listed and establish each mandate as Unit each;
    a. To ensure an enhanced Physical Planning Electronic Document Management System (EDMS Unit)

b. Establishment of Lagos State Physical Planning Information Museum/Gallery LASPPIM Unit)
c. AutomationofLagosStatePhysicalPlanningSystem(LAGOS-EPPUnit)
d. Integration of Physical Planning Process with Geographical Information System
(GIS Unit);
ii. Proposed Enhanced Budgetary Provision for Capital Projects and Re-current
iii. To enhance and upgrade existing partial Electronic Planning Permit (e-PP) Platform
to a status of full Automation;
iv. To embrace full Automation of Physical Planning Business processes in the State;
v. Initiated the Establishment of Physical Planning Information Gallery in the State;
vi. Formation of Physical Planning Museum Committee and MDAs Champions for
Physical Planning Museum/Gallery;
It is however important to note that, her proposal to have a Director General as a Town Planner was approved by Mr Governor during the NITP Presidential courtesy visit to the State House on 02nd September, 2021 with a view to creating the Office of Town Planner General for the State to help sustain the achievement recorded and also help future Governments in their planning blueprint.
In November 2020 to date, Tpl (Mrs) Bello R.B became the Head of Physical Planning Department where she carried out the following responsibilities:

  1. Processing of application for Planning Information to ensure Land Use compatibility. 2. Site selection (Evaluation of Site) for various land use activities.
  2. Coordination and Monitoring of Implementation of Special Projects.
  3. Conducting Physical Development Planning Studies with a view to formulating policies
    towards the administration of various land uses.
  4. Regularization of As- built petrol filling station and other special application.
  5. Ensuring Compliance with Operative Development Plans in the State through the Issuance
    of Planning Information;
  6. Initiated and Commenced the Electronic Database for Planning Information, Site Selection and Advocacy Report on As -Built Development in the State.

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