Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development

VISION: Lagos as a Sustainable SMART City of Choice

MISSION: Making Lagos Sustainable , Resilient and Attractive to Business through Community Regeneration and Inclusive Physical Planning

MOTTO: Sustainable Lagos


Lagos Executive Development Board (L.E.D.B) 1928:


Established by the Colonial Administrators with the legal Instrument tagged ‘the Town Planning Ordinance’ (Cap 95 of 1928) which declared Lagos as a planned city.


• Vetting and Approval of Building Plans

• Undertaking Comprehensive Land use, Re-planning, Improvement (i.e. Reclamation and Re-

• planning of Oko-Awo and Idumagbo Area)

• Housing Development and General Development of Lagos State

Schemes Prepared

 Central Lagos Scheme- 1st to be cleared and re-planned

 Surulere Re- housing Scheme – To re- plan Surulere and provides necessary facilities.

 Ikeja Area Planning Authority (I.A.P.A.) – Created in 1956 by Western Nigeria Government to

 Execute development control within Isolo, Mushin, Ikeja, Agege, Ajegunle etc.

(2) Lagos State Development Property Corporation (LSDPC) 1972:

• Created to resolve lack of co-ordination, inefficiency and waste resulting from duplication of

responsibilities of L.E.D.B and I.A.P.A

• Centralization and control of planning in Lagos State

• Composed of L.E.D.B, I.A.P.A as well as E.T.P.A which usually performed its duty outside the

Metropolitan Area

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were merged together.


To acquire, develop, hold, manage, sell, lease and let any moveable and unmovable properties within the State.

Physical Planning Structure – 1972 to date

i. Ministry of Works and Planning 1973 – 1978

ii. Ministry of Housing, Surveys and Special Duties 1978 – 1979

iii. Ministry of Economic Planning and Lands Matters 1979 – 1984

iv. Department of Lands, Housing

v. Department of the Environment, 1985 – 1986

vi. Department of the Environment and Physical Planning of the Military Governor’s Office 1987 – 1989

vii. Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning 1990 – 1991

viii. Office of the Environment and Physical Planning, Governor’ Office 1992 – 1993

ix. Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning 1994 – 1999

x. Office of Physical Planning, Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning 1999 – 2003

xi. Ministry of Physical Planning 2003 – 2004

xii. Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development from 2004 to date with its Agencies.



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